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Walter Lucetti, known as Myzhar in internet, is a Computer Engineer specialized in Robotics, Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence.

He received his Laurea Degree at University of Pisa in December, 15th 2004, with a thesis titled: “ Integrazione di Misurazioni Laser e Visione Artificiale nella Ricostruzione di Ambienti 3D per la Navigazione Autonoma di Veicoli in Ambienti Sconosciuti” (Integration of Laser Measurements and Artificial Vision to reconstruct 3D Environments for Autonomous Navigation of Vehicles in Unknown Worlds).

He always loved computer science and robotics and he choose Industrial Automation to merge the two, when working too.

After six months of post-laurea research at Interdepartmental Research Center “E.Piaggio” in Pisa, working on the application of his thesis research works to a six wheeled vehicle, K-Team Koala, he was engaged by Geomind srl to work on GIS software and marine sensors interfacing since July 2005 to July 2006.

Since August 2006 to January 2010 he worked at maXia srl in Massa (MS) on automatic systems for ceramic industrial processes. He developed Computer Vision algorithms, microcontrollor firmwares and advanced GUIs.

He went back to research in February 2010 at Gustavo Stefanini Advanced Robotics Research Center, a branch of PERCRO laboratory of Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna of Pisa, were he wrote sensor fusion software (3D Laser + Computer Vision) for autonomous and teleoperated ground vehicles.

Today he continues to collaborate with Gustavo Stefanini Center, but he was engaged by Rekno srl, a company founded by PERCRO researchers. RGB-D point clouds, Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence are his fields of work.

Qt Framework, C/C++, Computer Vision, Laser, OpenCV, Microchip C18 are his daily breat both for hobby and at work.

In private life he married at September 3rd, 2005 with the “most patient” Annalisa, after a “brief” engagement lasted “only” 11 years!

In October 9th, 2007 Annalisa gave birth to the beautiful and intelligent Alex, at which Myzhar which devotes most of his free time.
In November 2th, 2012 Liam has expanded his family… now there are three childs, due humans and one robot 🙂

As a “personal challenge” he decided to undertake the  “ MyzharBot project” at which devotes his evenings and nights.

If you are interested, you can find his Curriculum Vitae , updated at December 2012.

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  1. Salve,
    sono uno studente di informatica, avrei bisogno di contattarla.

    Non trovo la sua email nel sito..

    Potrebbe cortesemente rispondermi?



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